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Launch Other Programs

Datafile Software

Launch Other Programs

The Ledger Enquiry allows up to eight (subject to screen resolution) program actions to be triggered for the current employee. This could include updating the employee record or launching a ProFiler entry screen for the employee.

For each action you set:


Enter text label to be displayed for the action


Enter the program to be launched - <F4-Select> is available to show the default options allowed and, if used, will update both the Program and the Parameter.


Each menu option in Datafile has an associated menu parameter. Enter the parameter number of the action required here. For ProFiler actions you enter a string of the application id, the menu number and the option number (AAA/M/O)


Enter the company id the action is to be launched within (leave blank for current company)


The system will automatically check the users authority level against the level set for the launched action and reject use if the operator doesn’t have the required authority.This option suppresses the display of the action if the operator doesn’t have the authority level set here.


Enter a brief description of the action that is displayed when the action is highlighted.

  • Release ID: Standard