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Cashbook Bank Reconciliation Improvements

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Cashbook Bank Reconciliation Improvements

The Bank Reconciliation screen displayed a list of 10/16 transactions per screen and you scrolled up/down the list as you reconciled the transactions against your bank statement but when there are large numbers of transactions to reconcile this can be unwieldy. This release allows a pick list interface for the reconciliation listing all the transactions on one screen.

You can scroll up/down the transaction list using the up/down arrow keys or the page-up/down keys.You can use the END key to take you to the bottom of the list and the HOME key to take you back to the top of the list; you can also use the mouse to scroll the slider on the right up/down.

To reconcile a transaction you can double-click an entry with the mouse or press the <Enter>, <Space> or <Y> key against the highlighted transaction entry.To clear a reconciliation you can double-click an entry with the mouse or press the <Enter>, <Space> or <N> keys against a reconciled transaction.

Options at the bottom of the screen allow:

Reconcile – select to reconcile the current highlighted transaction, selecting against an already reconciled transaction clears the reconciled flag.

Info – displays additional information relating to the highlighted transaction.

Search – allows you to search for a withdrawal or deposit on the basis of a matching reference or amount.

Comment – allows entry or view of a reconciliation comment against the transaction.

Trans – allows entry of a new receipt, payment or bank transfer transaction for inclusion in this reconciliation.

Update – completes the current reconciliation. Depending on additional configuration settings this allows you to either update the reconciliation or save the reconciliation in progress to continue later.

Close – exits the reconciliation procedure (allowing you to update – if matching balance, exit or save the reconciliation in progress).

In addition to these options the standard pick list tools to sort, filter or find entries in the list are available by right-clicking the appropriate column heading with the mouse.


Application User Facilities

To enable the pick list interface users can sign on as the SYSTEM user-id (or if Premier any user with ‘Installer’ privileges) and right-click against the menu option for the Bank Reconciliation and select to Configure Option. Alternatively users can select Installation from the main menu followed by Application Manager and then Application User Facilities. Select the Cashbook application as required before selecting Bank Reconciliation and Bank Reconcile.

Use Pick List – set to use the pick list interface for the bank reconciliation.Once set an option to set the highlight colour to use when a transaction is marked as reconciled is displayed, select the colour required (custom colour options are not available). Note that the option to ‘Use tick not Y/N’ is not applicable when using the pick list entry options.

  • Release ID: 6.5