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P11 Reports

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P11 Reports

The P11 database records as a transaction the pay details by employee for each period. These can be used to supply information that can be used for completion of the Deductions Working Sheet and the Employers Payment Record.Three reports are configured by default – the Deductions Working Sheet, an Employers Payment Record, and a P11 Deductions Sheet. It should be noted that these reports provide information for completion of the Inland Revenue forms and don’t print the forms themselves.

Reporting Options

After selecting the report various pre-print parameters are available.

Date of Report

Defaults to the payroll period’s run date. Overtype as required.

Report Sequence

Defaulting to report in employee sequence, you can also process this report in dept/employee sequence or the end-of year sequence as with other reports. Diamond and Premier users can also nominate an item on the employee record as a report sequence which would be offered here as well.

Employee From / To

Allows you to restrict the employees processed to a selected range.

P11 Date Range From / To

Enter a date range for P11 records to report. If entered this overrides the period number range that can be also entered and allows you to report details from previous tax years (if set to retain these details as part of the year-end).

P11 Period From / To

Defaulting from period 1 to the current period this allows you to restrict the period numbers reported.

Print Totals Only

Set to omit print of the individual period values and just print totals for the employee only. This option is only applicable on listing P11 reports such as the Employers Payment Record and not the statement style report of the ‘P11 Deductions Sheet’.

Page Per Employee

If selected then a new page is begun for each employee. This option is only applicable to the listing report ‘Deductions Working Sheet’ and, if configured, the third and fourth user-defined listing reports that are available for Diamond and Premierreports.

Deductions Working Sheet

This report lists the NI, Statutory Payment and PAYE details for each employee by period. The report is totalled by employee.

Employers Payment Record

This report lists the details required by the employer for completion of the P32, reporting the PAYE, Statutory Payments, NI, Student Loan Deductions and Tax Credit payments. The report is totalled by period.

P11 Deductions Sheet

This statement contains the period details as per the Deductions Working Sheet but also displaying a header and footer displaying details from the employee file(s). The report is also totalled by employee.

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