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Principal Features

Datafile Software

Principal Features


Multi-company payroll

Multiple payrolls for same company

Weekly, fortnightly, or calendar monthly payroll

User-definable tax and NI rates and bands

User-definable documents such as payslips, on plain or pre-printed stationery

User-definable "switches” for extra payments, deductions and repayments

Support for SSP and SMP payments

Holiday pay values and holiday pay credit system

Automatic printing of end-of-year reports and documents

Powerful selection facilities for reports and documents

Memo facility on employee records supported

User-Definable Features (General)

Definable overtime headings and rates

Basic pay, or hours times rate

Payment methods: cash, cheque, bank giro, auto-pay

Variable or fixed pension calculations, including COMP schemes

Coinage analysis for cash payments including rounding rules

User-Definable Features (Datafile Diamond and Premier only)

User-definable employee and department files with up to 160 data items per file

User-definable screens to maintain employees

User-definable employee reports, department updating, and department reports

Sorted reports and documents

  • Release ID: Standard