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Datafile Software


The Datafile payroll system can either be used on its own, or as an integral part of your Datafile Software installation with links to nominal ledger and job costing. However you plan to use your payroll system, you gain the benefits of electronically-maintained employee details, easy input of details for each pay period, automatic derivation of gross pay, and calculation of net pay together with very flexible reporting.

The Datafile payroll application is designed to meet a wide range of requirements whilst retaining the ease of use to be found in the best programs. The key to successful use of the payroll is to analyse fully what is needed, and then to structure the Datafile Software payroll system to match theses needs.

You need separate payrolls for weekly, fortnightly, and monthly pay. Changes to tax and national insurance rates each year, together with the occasional changes in government payroll rules are supported via updates supplied in conjunction with your Datafile Gold Update.

The chapter called Configuring Payroll describes how you use the Datafile Software configuration facilities to match the system to your needs.Following this Introduction is a chapter called User Instructionswhich describes how to use the payroll application, although this is dependent on how you configure your system.

Time spent in understanding the features and facilities available from the payroll application will be amply repaid subsequently in speed and accuracy of use. In many cases your reseller may configure the rest of the system to suit your specific requirements, using the Installationfacilities. He/she is fully trained in the use of Datafile applications, and their expertise allied to your knowledge of your own requirements will ensure the system is correctly set up.


Information about payroll is held in three types of file — the employee files, which hold full details for each employee in the payroll spread over (up to) five databases, the department file which holds current period and year-to-date totals for the department and a transaction/P11 file which holds the pay details for each period.

All files are designed around the DataFiler database, which is at the heart of all Datafile Software systems. Whilst the files are fully managed by the payroll program, they can be tailored individually to suit specific requirements, and you may prepare additional reports by using either the Report Generator or ProFiler.

The payroll program can be integrated with the Datafile Software nominal ledger (to post payroll totals directly) and with job costing to transfer time-sheet details to build up the gross pay figures.

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