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Data Interchange - Import Large Text Strings

Datafile Software

Data Interchange - Import Large Text Strings

The maximum data item size for text within Datafile is 64-characters which requires, if importing large text strings, pre-processing outside of Datafile to split the text into constituent parts. This new feature allows Datafile to perform this processing splitting the text items into separate items based on the size of the item and to ‘intelligently’ split string of text based on spaces within the text string.

When cross-matching the data items if you reference the same CSV column number item against consecutive data items you will be prompted ‘Is this an overflow from the previous data item’ for you to respond as required.


To split text over a series of data items they must be equal in size and consecutive within the database.

Text split is based on the item size and then works backwards to find the last space character (unless next character is a space) and updates the data item with this text with the remaining text being apportioned in a similar manner over the remaining block items.If no space is found within the number of characters of the item size then split will be based on item size.

  • Release ID: 6.6