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Apply Default Nominal Code to Payment Transactions

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Apply Default Nominal Code to Payment Transactions

When importing sales / purchase transactions the system allows the setting of a default nominal code to be applied to imported transactions. However, this default nominal code was only applied to the invoice / credit analysis lines and was not updated to any payment or payment adjustment transactions.

A new parameter has been added to allow the default nominal code to also be applied to these transactions. To apply the default nominal code to payments select Installation Details from the main sales/purchase batch update menu before selecting the appropriate batch update definition and then select Optional Features. The second screen of parameters includes the new option.

Apply to Type 2/5 – set to apply the set default nominal code to payment (type 2) and payment adjustment (type 5) transactions. If not set the default will not be applied. If bringing in transactions with a mixture of types it would be recommended to include the nominal code in the input file as the default nominal code is unlikely to be appropriate for both invoices and payments.

  • Release ID: 6.6