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Datafile Software - File Naming Conventions

Datafile Software - File Naming Convention.


Each File is Prefixed with a Company ID e.g. DEM

Each Database File has an extension of .DFD


Examples :


DEM-SLA.DFD - Sales Ledger Accounts

DEM-SLT.DFD - Sales Ledger Transactions

DEM-MAT.DFD - Sales Discount Matrix

DEM-PLA.DFD - Purchase Ledger Accounts

DEM-PLT.DFD - Purchase Ledger Transactions


DEM-NLA.DFD - Nominal Ledger Accounts

DEM-NLT.DFD - Nominal Ledger Transactions


(Cashbook Module shares same files as Nominal Ledger)


DEM-STA.DFD - Stock Accounts

DEM-STT.DFD - Stock Transactions

DEM-LOC.DFD - Stock Locations

DEM-ASS.DFD - Stock Assemblies

DEM-COM.DFD - Stock Components


DEM-SOH.DFD - Sales Order Headers

DEM-SOD.DFD - Sales Order Details


DEM-POH.DFD - Purchase Order Headers

DEM-POD.DFD - Purchase Order Details


DEM-WOH.DFD - Works Order Headers

DEM-WOD.DFD - Works Order Details


DEM-BAT.DFD - Batch Header

DEM-BTT.DFD - Batch Transaction File


DEM-EMP.DFD - Employees

DEM-DEP.DFD - Department Summary

DEM-PTR.DFD - Transactions

DEM-OTR.DFD - Overtime Rates

DEM-SWT.DFD - Switches


DEM-JOB.DFD - Job File

DEM-JCT.DFD - Job Cost Transactions

DEM-JCD.DFD - Job Cost Codes


DEM-CUR.DFD - Currencies

DEM-RAT.DFD - Currency Rates

  • Release ID: Standard