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Exception Procedures - EDI Order Processing

Datafile Software

Exception Procedures - EDI Order Processing

There are two main procedures here:

¨Mark EDI orders for manual processing. This allows you to mark an EDI order for manual processing – meaning that it will not be passed automatically to Datafile, and you’ll need to enter it to Datafile manually yourself. You must give a reason for doing so, and the process records the date you marked it, and your user name too. Once you’ve marked an order, you cannot remove the mark. Note that you must revalidate orders before the marking comes into effect, and a menu option to do this is offered immediately after.

¨Delete EDI orders from pending file. This process allows you to clear all the records created from specific EDI input messages from the EDI message file. You should only ever need to do this if the original message failed to deconstruct correctly or in its entirety.

  • Release ID: Standard