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Special Data Item Names for Web Analysis

Datafile Software

Special Data Item Names for Web Analysis

When importing orders or enquiries from a website into a Datafile Database it can be useful to analyse the sites used and any search engine / terms used. This can then be used to target your web advertising more effectively.

When importing the web details into Datafile the values are generally imported as strings into text fields but for analysis purposes you want to create sub-strings to identify specific key information. These special ‘named’ items allow you to do this via sub (=-type) data items.

Item Name Description

WWWSITE If a sub-item is named WWWSITE and based on an item containing a web address then the system will strip out the ‘www.’ or ‘http://’ prefixes. For example a X-type item containing ‘’ would become ‘’ as the sub item. NB. When creating sub-item set start position as 1 and size equal to that of the base field.

WWWENGINE If a sub-item is named WWWENGINE then the system will parse fields named WWWSEARCHx to determine the website search engine used to reach your website – for example GOOGLE.CO.UK, YAHOO.COM, etc. When importing search terms into a Datafile Database you will often have to import the search terms into three or more fields due to maximum X-type size of 64 characters. If you name these fields as WWWSEARCH1, WWSEARCH2, WWWSEARCH3 etc then the engine sub-item will parse all applicable fields for the search engine.

When creating sub-item base on the first WWWSEARCHx item and set start position as ‘1’ and size equal to that of the WWWSEARCH field.

WWWSEARCH If the sub-item is named WWWSEARCH then the system will return the search string used in Google / Yahoo etc to find your website.As with WWWENGINE above the system parses the X-type items named WWWSEARCHx to return the information.


  • Release ID: 6.2