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The SQL Configuration has two schedules – one for SQL updates TO the Datafile system, and one for SQL Updates FROM the Datafile System. (SQL Updates to the Datafile system are outside the purview of this manual.)

To start select ‘Load Config File’ and select the SQLMGR.INI from the ‘DatafileSQL’ folder.

The SQL Out configuration asks:

Optimise REC # - when running a global refresh / flush of a Datafile database to an SQL table this is the number of records the SQL Manager will process in one go, before continuing with the next X records.

Drop Limit – set the number of times the Datafile SQL Driver will attempt to update a mirror entry before abandoning and moving on to the next entry.

Job Limit – Set the maximum number of Datafile databases that are to be mirrored to an SQL table.

SQLDET path – the SQLDET.DFD is the interface database that contains the list of Datafile databases and the record numbers that have been amended you set the path to this file here (the installation procedure updated this file into the required Datafile DFCOMP location – where the DIAMOND.D02 is held – and updated the correct path here).

IP Address – enter the IP address for the SQL Server

Database – enter the SQL Database filename

Username – enter username that allows access to the SQL Database

Password – enter password for access to the SQL Database

Once parameters are set select the TESTING option – this checks that the driver can access the SQLDET.DFD and can connect to the SQL server, access the SQL Database, create a SQL table, add, update and delete records within the table, and delete the table. If these tests succeed a green block will appear next to the option, any red blocks denote an error in either the details entered or the SQL Server / Database configuration.

To complete configuration select the SAVE CONFIG button and then use the X-close icon to close the configuration screen.

The SQL Configuration utility maintains a SQLMGR.INI – this file can also be edited using Notepad or WordPad and a link has been added to the Datafile SQL Driver folder off the Start Menu to edit this file with Notepad.

The INI contains some additional parameters that may need to be amended under rare circumstances. In the [MAIN] section is an option for

Debug – this provides extra information to an error log in case of a problem

In addition by default the installation assumes you are linking to an MSSQL Server, if linking to a MySQL Server then you need to update the ‘mssql’ entries for Database, User Id, Password and IP address to read ‘mysql’ accordingly.

  • Release ID: Standard