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Call Individual Report Generator Option

Datafile Software

Call Individual Report Generator Option

The Report Generator is a simple reporting tool that allows for the creation of up to 999 reports against the application and other databases. Release 5.8 introduced options to call the reports list for a specific application; new in this release is the option to call a specific report directly from the menu.


Menu Design

To call a report individually you need to add a new menu option to call the individual parameter number for the report. Sign on as the CONFIG user and select to amend the application menu required. Choose Left/Right for the new entry and then move down to blank entry and enter the report title; once the new menu title has been input press the <Enter> key to update the menu parameters.

Applic, Program or Notes P-Program

Menu Name or Program Path RG

Parameter nnnn where nnnn represents the report entry number from 0001-0999

  • Release ID: 6.2