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Remove All Completed Orders

Datafile Software

Remove All Completed Orders

On selection of this option you are prompted to confirm whether you wish to remove all completed orders.

If you respond ‘No’ you are returned to the menu.

If you respond ‘Yes’ then the system processes the works order header and works order detail files and deletes any records with a ‘C-Complete’ or ‘D-Delete’ order status. The system displays the number of records removed and prompts to check ‘File Usage’.

File Usage

When the system deletes a record it doesn’t automatically free up the space for re-use, instead a blank record is left within the file.When you elect to check file usage the system displays the number of records reserved within the database, the highest in use and the number of deleted records. If the highest record in use is close to the number reserved and there are a significant number of deleted records you may wish to compact the file so you can re-use the deleted records and delay expansion of the works order files. NB: Whilst larger file sizes will not cause any problems within Datafile they do take up extra space on your system and can increase backup times.

Do You Wish to Compact These Files?

Respond ‘Y’ or ‘N’ accordingly. ‘N’ returns you to the menu, ‘Y’ compacts the works order header and detail files and audits the pointers (i.e. rebuilds the links) between them. This may take some time on larger files.

  • Release ID: Standard