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Display of Component Details

Datafile Software

Display of Component Details

The system then displays the component details, ten entries per screen, asking you to confirm the details are OK. The standard configuration will display the details automatically, accepting the default quantities – the default being based on the quantity of the finished item confirmed in the header earlier.

At the end of each section of details you are asked ‘Are the above details OK’ – if you respond ‘Yes’ then the process displays the next set of details, or if all details accepted the next section of the process. If you respond ‘No’ then the system asks if you wish to abandon the document.

If there is insufficient stock of a component line you will be warned accordingly and prompted to abandon the order. Respond as required

Confirming Detail Quantities

Options do exist to allow confirmation of the detail action quantities within the document parameters (General Document Parameters 1), this setting may be desirable on the build process where more or less of a component may have been required than entered. Note this option is not applicable when a works order contains sub-assemblies.

When sub-assemblies components are both issued from stock and built (due to insufficient stock) then the system first issues the available stock and then builds the balance. When fully building the works order this has no discernable effect, but where partially building a works order then this may result in component action quantities for level 2+ components being zero when the sub-assembly being processed is issued from stock rather than being built.

If a component is batch/serial tracked then the system will pause during the display of the details for confirmation of the batch/serial item to be issued or, in the case of sub-assembly components, built and issued.

  • Release ID: Standard