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Job Costing Link at Order Header

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Job Costing Link at Order Header

Linking at the header level allows you to create a new job in the job costing system or to link the order to an existing job. During entry of the order header you will be prompted to the job code, which can be set to default to the sales order reference.

Job Reference

Optionally defaulting to the sales order reference you can enter either an existing job reference, <F4-Select> is available, or can enter a new reference so that a new job is created for the order.

Contracts and Operations

Premier users can configure their job costing systems into contracts and operations where a single job is broken down into individual parts. If this is configured then sales order entry only allows creation of (or link to) an operation against a pre-existing contract.You cannot create a new or link to an existing contract.

Create a Job Record for this Order?

If you enter a reference that doesn’t exist you will be prompted, on completion of the order header, to create the new job record. Optionally this prompt can be omitted and the job record automatically created if appropriate.

Create on Update the Order

If you don’t create the job on entry of a new update you can, if configured, enter the job reference on update of the order header and create the job at this point.

Detail Input

Optionally, on entry of the order detail you can enter a cost code against the detail so a stock issue is updated to the job for the order detail. You might leave this blank where the cost isn’t to be passed the job at order entry but during a later stage – you would use the standard ‘direct cost’ entry in job costing if this is appropriate.

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