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Continuation Pages in Order Processing Documents

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Continuation Pages in Order Processing Documents

The Order Processing documents are structured in three areas – header, detail and footer – if the number of order details exceeds the amount that can be printed within the detail area then a second page is printed with the remaining details (and so on until all details are printed). However this leaves the footer area ‘blank’ and, on non pre-printed stationery, this area could be used to continue printing the detail.

This new feature allows the system to extend the detail area into the footer of the document, and start the detail on second and subsequent pages within the header area potentially cutting-down on the amount of paper used.

In addition on the final page the option is available to append the footer after the final detail rather than printing in its normal position.


Document Design Manager

The continuation options are held within the document parameters. To update the parameters select Installation, from the main menu, followed by Application Manager and Document Design Manager. Select the Order Processing application required, the document type and then the document required. When the document mask is displayed select the Parameters option from the main toolbar and move through to screen 19 ‘Continuation / Currency Options’.

Continued Over/From Message – the continued over/from messages now allow the use of !nnn characters to include data items from the order being processed.

Continuous Detail Print– set to continue detail print into the footer area of the document where multiple pages required.

Start Line of Detail Area– On parameter screen 1 of the document you define the range where detail lines print from/to but the detail area could encompass a wider range of items were boxes, lines and column headings are concerned.This parameter asks where the detail area starts – i.e. the line number where any box border for the details or column headings are printed.

End Line of Detail Area– this asks for the line where the detail area finishes.

Stop Printing Details at Line – when printing details into the footer area this option asks where you wish to finish printing. This is not necessarily the final line of the document as you may need to ‘close’ the detail print section for line/box drawing purposes or there may be text labels such as email addresses / VAT registration numbers at the bottom of the page that you wish to continue to print.

Continue Printing Details at Line – on second and subsequent pages you can start the detail print within the header area if required.Set the line number you wish to continue printing the details at.


 The omit header / footer parameters still apply even when extending details into the header/footer.If omit parameters are set then all text, image and data items (except page related data items) are omitted, lines and box drawings which begin (top left position) in the area are also omitted.

If continue to print header / footer items then if the detail extend into the footer then only items which begin after the ‘stop printing details line’ will be printed.Similarly if restart the detail print within the header on subsequent pages then any header items that begin on/after the ‘continue print line’ will be omitted.

Truncate Detail Area on Last Page – if set then on the final page the footer will print below the final detail rather than in its normal position. If only one page the detail area will still be truncated.


 With the extension of the continuation options the ‘currency’ print parameters have been moved to screen 19a and can be accessed using the NEXT option from screen 19.

  • Release ID: 6.3