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Reprint Period Invoices

Datafile Software

Reprint Period Invoices

Usually only applicable for the Sales Ledger, although there is an equivalent Purchase Ledger facility.

UK legislation requires that you keep a printed copy of a VAT-invoice, as of 2004, for seven years after the invoice is created.If creating invoice documents within a Datafile procedure that produces a printed document, such as Invoicer or Order Processing, then these can be configured to print a second copy but, as an alternative, you can use this option to print a second copy of all invoice documents created this period.

Filter Which Docs

Defaulting to ‘IC’ to reprint invoices and credits you can amend as required to include:

I – Invoices

C – Credit Notes

S – Statements

A – Acknowledgments

D – Delivery Notes

Q – Quotes

If the document was printed, and saved for reprint, during the period then it can be reprinted here.

Date Range From / To

Defaulting to the period date range this can be amended if required.

Account Code From / To

Left blank all accounts are processed, and you can enter a from/to account if required/

Invoice No From / To

Left blank all references are processed, you can enter a from/to reference if required. Note, however that references are likely to be unique to the document type (invoice/credit/etc) so multiple runs maybe required for each type.

You can set/amend any of the filter criteria, only documents that match all the entered criteria are reprinted.

After confirming any entered reference range, you are asked to confirm the details are OK before selecting the printer to output the saved documents to.

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