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Control Report

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Control Report

This option runs the ‘Ledger Control Summary’ report discussed in the reports section earlier and follows this with an integrity check of the ledger.

From the printed ledger control summary you should check that the opening balance matches the closing balance from the copy you printed last month, and that the closing balance matches both the total on the aged analysis report and the balance of the control account in the nominal (after the nominal ledger has been updated for the period of course). If these don’t agree, or the control report doesn’t balance, contact your reseller.

The integrity check should not report any problems, if it does then you should contact your reseller.They will take you through the audit and investigation procedures to find the cause of the error. Usually you will be asked to run the Controls & Audit options for the ledger – auditing the accounts and transaction databases, auditing the pointers and balances and recalculating the debtor/creditor control totals.

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