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Additional Forecast Date Options

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Additional Forecast Date Options

Forecast Dates are a database item type that allows you to analyse and ‘manipulate’ date items.Different types of forecast date are available from the basic forecast date where you add/subtract a set number of days from a date field to analysis options telling you the days of the week or the number of days between a base date and today’s date.

Release 6.3 introduces two new forecast options allowing you to analyse the number of weekdays in the month of any given date and the number of weekdays so far within the month. This allows, for example, ProFiler reports to be created showing the average sales value per day in historical months, and the average sales per day for the current month.

When creating a Forecast Date item (Type F) you are asked for the Type of Forecast Date and the Base Date Item to work with plus, for select types a ‘plus’ adjustment value.The new Forecast Date types are:

7 No of Weekdays in Month of Base Date

8 No of Weekdays in Month of Base Date So Far

Note that forecast date type 8 also uses today’s date to determine the number of weekdays so far in the month and if the base date is in a previous month holds the number of weekdays within that month.

  • Release ID: 6.3