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Ledger Enquiry / Display Notes by Department

Datafile Software

Ledger Enquiry / Display Notes by Department

The Ledger Enquiry allows notes to be recorded against the enquiry record. Over time these notes build up and some of these notes will not be relevant for initial view when displaying notes in the panels at the foot of the screen.

This new feature allows you to assign a ‘department’ to a user on the Datafile sign-on and to record the department when they add a note against an enquiry record. When configuring the ledger enquiry panels you can also display notes in both panels splitting then into left / right by their department.


User / Department Set-Up

You define the list of departments and assign a Datafile user to a department via the MASTER sign-on. To enter a list of Departments sign on as the MASTER user and select the option Department Settings.

Up to twenty-six departments can be configured – for each department you set a tick box to allow the department to be selected against an operator and then enter the name of the department.

To assign a user to a department you need to select the List of User-Ids option and select the user required.

Department – select the department the employee is assigned to, <F4-Select> is available to list the departments if required.

Ledger Enquiry Manager

To configure the enquiry panels to display any notes and to split the notes by department between the left and right enquiry panels you need to update the enquiry configuration.To update the configuration select Installationfrom the main menu followed by Ledger Enquiry Manager and Enquiries Configuration. Select the application required and then the Alternate Panel Settings to configure the enquiry panel.

When you set a panel to display Notes a pop-up form will be displayed allowing you to select which department’s notes appear in this panel, you can also control which department’s note are listed in black and which are listed in red. You can also configure whether any legacy notes or the Debtor memo which do not have a department assigned are displayed. Notes can be configured to display in both the left and right panel if required showing different groups of departments as required, if a department is not selected in either panel then that departments notes are omitted and can only be viewed by selecting the Notes option on the CRM panel within the enquiry.

Adding a Note

Following the introduction of departments when an operator adds a note within the Enquiry panel they will be asked for the department in addition to the title and user-id. The system will default to the department of the operator but it can be amended if required.

  • Release ID: 6.3