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Perform Direct a Database Function

Datafile Software

Perform Direct a Database Function

This option allows access to selected database functions without having to set them up as menu options within the ProFiler application. This allows for routines required on a one-off basis. On selecting the option a list of functions available is displayed.

"A” - Database Audit. Performs a database audit on the selected database.

"B” - Blankout All Records. Erases all records from the selected database (selection criteria can be set)

"C” - Update Constants. Allows access to the Maintain Constants feature discussed above.

"E” - Expand Data Base Size. Allow expansion of the no of records reserved for a database.

"G” - Global Update. This routine allows options to automatically replace an item on a database by blanking it, replacing with keyboard entered text, or by copying data from another item (on the same database). In addition, a separate option allows the ability to recalculate a numeric value – perhaps increasing a stock price by 5% (multiply by 1.05) etc. Routines can be run against the database on a selective basis.

"I” - Tidy Index. Tidies the index block(s) on the selected database.

"K” - Recover Unused File Space. Compacts the database to remove the blank (deleted) records leaving free space for additional records at the end of the file.

"R” - Rebuild Index. Rebuilds the index block(s) on the selected database.

"T” - Update Table Entries. Allows access to the Table Maintenance options discussed above.

"U” - Update Database. Allows options similar to the U-Update action that can be defined on a ProFiler application including add, update, view, list and deletion of record routines.

"$” - Save Record Number As Item. This option allows you to save the record number of the database record into an item on that database.

"&” - Make Lots of Blank Records. This option allows the creation of blank records within the database (this allows the creation of a large database file without needing to actually manually add or import the records).

"@” - Prefix Prime-Index Values. This option allows the ability to insert text at the start of a prime-index. This is typically used for the insertion of location codes into the stock code prime-index, or for inserting a 0 at the start of sales/purchase order references.

"#” - Poke DFCONST.DEF N-types. This option allows update of the DFCONST.DEF system wide references.

"+” - Insert Text Into Any Item. Allows for the insertion of new text into any X-type data item on the database. Again, may use this to insert a location code at the start of the stock code. You can additionally though control the position in the text field where the text is inserted.

"=” - Poke Database Control Numbers (1-10). Each database has 10 control numbers or slots which can be used when performing Global Updates or Report Listings (for example). This option allows maintenance of these control numbers.

"-" - Replace Text In Any Item. Allows for the replacement of text characters in any X-type data item.

  • Release ID: Standard