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Maintain Constants

Datafile Software

Maintain Constants

Every database has a table of 100 constant values that you may use within the database structure (see also Configuration Guide appendix D DataFiler Data Item Types). The purpose of the Constants Maintenance facility is to allow you to modify these values. Note that all values are held as zero until modified.

On selection of this option you are asked to confirm the database you wish to use before being offered the Constant Values Maintenance options.

Constant Values Update

Enter the values for each of the constants numbers you wish to use. For whole numbers, the decimal point and decimal places may be omitted. Note that constants can only take values in the range ±300.00.

At any point <Escape> asks "Are the above details OK?” N returns you to the screen for more changes, whilst Y returns you to the Constants Maintenance menu for the application.<Escape> from the above prompt to abandon any changes made.

Print Constants

This option allows a printout of the set 100 constant values for the database.

Enquire Where Constants are Used

This option displays the data item number, name, and type of all data items that either have been specified as type C, or where a type C value has been used in a formula (types *, & and F).

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