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Additional Price Checker Options

Datafile Software

Additional Price Checker Options

The Price Checker is a useful tool to display the price charged to a particular customer for a selected stock item taking into account the customers’ price band, any matrix entries and any set discount rates.

The first new option allows access to the Price Checker tool directly from the main toolbar rather than access via the Discount Matrix settings. The new icon is to the right of the Ledger Enquiry link.

The second new option, for Diamond and Premier users only, extends the Release 6.2 feature to display the actual price charged on the quantity break table within sales order entry to the quantity break display within the price checker.


No specific changes are required for these new options. The toolbar icon is available immediately on program update and the ‘price display’ option is activated if configured to use this feature within sales order entry (see the 6.2 supplement for more details on this option).

  • Release ID: 6.3