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L5 - Summary Totals (Single Page Report)

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L5 – Summary Totals (Single Page Report)

A totals report will produce a single page report consisting of free format text and totals accumulated from a single database. This type of report is very useful for making top level presentation summaries of your data.Each total printed is based upon its own data item and can have its own selection criteria – the total value, record could and average value can be printed.

Design of a totals report is divided into three operations. The first is the standard text labels you wish to see on the report.Secondly you can define the general parameters for print and page settings. Finally you can specify the totals that are required for print on the report.

Text Labels and Line Drawing

To enter text labels and titles on the statement design and to draw lines you use the initial display screen. Textis entered by positioning the cursor where you want to begin and using the keyboard to type the text, to delete text use the space bar to ‘overwrite’ existing text. Lines are drawn by selecting Line Mode off the tool bar and then using the mouse and hold down the left-mouse key and draw the line (vertical or horizontal) required. To revert to entering text, select Text Mode off the tool bar.

General Parameters

Report Title

Pre-set with the menu description used when creating this option you can overtype the title here.

Which Printer Control Set

Select the printer style to use (1-8). Usually 1 is a standard 80-column report, 2 is a 128-column report.

Number of Lines Down On Document

Width of Each Line (Max 128)

Set the number of lines down and column width of the document. Note that these values should match that as set against the selected print style.

Size of Values (3-10) – i.e. 5=99999.99, 7=9999999.99

Set the number of significant figures to be printed for numeric data items.

Print Negative Totals with Brackets

Set to print negative totals as ‘(100.00)’ rather than ‘100.00-‘

Print the "Date Printed” on Line / Col

Set print position for the date the report was printed on line / column.

Print the "Report Comment” on Line / Col

Set print position for the run-time report comment on line / column.

Specify Search Criteria

Allow Changes

Save Changes

These options allow the entry of selection criteria that applies to the report as a whole, as well as setting whether the operator is allowed to make changes to the criteria at run-time, and whether any such changes are saved as the new default.

Report Totals Specification

The initial parameter screen shows the list of totals already defined for print. The first 14 items are shown and up to 66 items can be defined.

Selecting ADD, CHANGE or DELETE asks for the entry number you wish to process – enter as required – and then a parameter screen is displayed for that entry.

Data Item Name

Select the data item to be totalled (<F4-Select> is available), or if you wish enter *CALC to basis the total on a sum of selected other total items on the report.

Selection Criteria to be Met

Enter up to three lines of criteria to be applied when calculating the total – say ANALYSIS equal to XXXXXX. You select the data item (<F4-Select> is again available), the match type (E-Equals, N-Not Equal, C-Contains, X-Not Contains, B-Blank, R-Range, G-Greater or Equal, and L-Less Than or Equal), and then the value to be matched.

Note that if using *CALC this option does not apply.

Calc from Entries

If *CALC entered as the data item then you are allowed to enter the calculation required from other entries. For example +1 /2 takes the value in total item 1 and divides it by the value in total item 2. The calculation can be made of up to ten parts.

Print Total Value Line / Column

Print Record Count Line / Column

Print Average Line / Column

Set the print positions, as required, to print the total value for the entry, the record count, or the average value.

Once these details are set you are returned to list to add, change or delete another entry. Once parameters have been completed select the CHANGES-COMPLETE button to return to the document template. Once this complete choose the File pull-down and select ‘Save and Exit’.

  • Release ID: Standard