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Transaction Control Numbers - Nominal

Datafile Software

Transaction Control Numbers - Nominal

This option lets you manually reset certain transaction pointer numbers in the control files.

1) Highest B/F Transaction after Clear Down

This pointer holds the highest b/f transaction created after running the nominal journal cleardown.This is used as a display suggestion in the audit trail for those who wish to exclude these transactions from the print.

2) Highest Transaction Record Printed

This pointer holds the highest transaction record printed on a journal listing. It is displayed in the application System Status screen and could be checked for use as the starting record number in the journal listing report to report journals entered since last print.

3) Highest Transaction Since Structured

If using a structured nominal code with partitions then the drill down zoom enquiry is of particular use.The drill-down enquiry accumulates values from the lower level codes to the higher. This value is used and updated as part of the enquiry and, next time the enquiry is run, if this value matches that of the highest transaction input the system doesn’t re-accumulate the values.

  • Release ID: Standard