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SQLDET Database Structure

Datafile Software

SQLDET Database Structure

Two new data items can be added to the SQLDET.DFD file that will record the program and the parameter number which generated, together with the existing (Premier only) options to record the user-id, date and time the SQLDET record was created this allows for a basic logging procedure of changes made within Datafile Databases (although it only logs that a change was made not what the change was).

 If restructure the SQLDET.DFD you can add the following items:

Item No Item Name Item Type

156 PROGRAM X (8)


Note that items must be created exactly as above – same item number, name and type.

In addition the SQLDET.DFD will be automatically expanded, subject to product level database size restrictions, as it becomes full so that manual expansions of this file are no longer required.


  • Release ID: 6.4