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Transaction / Detail Enquiries - Nominal

Datafile Software

Transaction / Detail Enquiries - Nominal

This option gives you the ability to configure the display of the transaction enquiries available for each nominal record. On selection of this option you are able to set the authority levels for access to the transaction enquiry.

Blanking the authority level disables the transaction enquiry option otherwise set as appropriate (remember values are from 0-9 where 0 is the highest and 9 is the lowest authority level). After setting the appropriate levels you can then configure the display items for this option.


Set to display transactions in LIFO – last in first out – order. If set then you should note that the enquiry process will be slower.


Transactions are usually displayed based on the order they were entered, setting this option sorts the details into date order – either FIFO or LIFO based on setting of the prompt above.

List Items

Here you can select up to eight items to be displayed when selecting the transaction options from the Nominal Enquiry.

Premier users have an additional configuration option for transaction display after confirming the last of the list items.

Full Screen Layout for ‘Transactions’ Enquiry

Premier systems are given the option to design a full-screen enquiry display for the transaction record. If you elect to use the full-screen enquiry then you are taken into the screen design. You design the screen as per the standard design parameters.

Extra File Scans

The file scan option allows you to scan documents against the nominal account – you could, for example, scan your bank statements against the bank account.

This option allows you to set the authority level to perform a file scan. Note though that the scanned files can be viewed regardless of authority level (provided you can access the options).

Authority levels are from 0-9 where 0 is the highest authority and 9 the lowest. Leave blank to disable the file scan option for this enquiry.

  • Release ID: Standard