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Spooled Reports - Clear Selected Spool Files

Datafile Software

Spooled Reports - Clear Selected Spool Files

When you print a report within the Datafile system one of the print destinations available is Disk Spooler which allows you to view a report before printing or indeed save to view and/or print at a later point. Over time spool files build up and, with the number of allowed spool files being 999, the spool list can become full.

The saved spool files are accessed via the Reports pull-down menu option at the top of the screen.After confirming the user id, if appropriate, the system lists the saved spool files.

If the spool file becomes full, or just needs to be tidied, you can delete individual entries or the full report list and then compact the list. Where some spool files are required but others can be removed deleting individual entries can be quite time-consuming. New in Release 6.4 is the option to ‘Clear Selected’ spool files.

Selecting the CLEAR SELECTED button gives a pop-up asking you to enter criteria for the removal of entries.

From / To Entry – allows entry of a range of spool files to be deleted.

From / To Date – allows entry of a date range of reports to be deleted.

System ID – allows entry of an application id whose reports are to be deleted.

Company Code – allows entry of a company id whose reports are to be deleted.

Title Contains – allows entry of keyword text that if included in the report title will allow the report to be deleted.

Confirm Each File – if set then any report that matches the entered criteria will be displayed and the operator prompted if they wish to delete this file. If left blank then any reports that match the entered criteria are automatically deleted.

Any combination of the criteria can be entered and only those reports that match all the non-blank/zero entered criteria are deleted.

Once the selected reports have been deleted you can use the COMPACT option to free up space at the end of the spool list for new reports if required.


No set-up changes are required for this feature. The Clear Selected option is available immediately on program update.

  • Release ID: 6.4