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Reports on Desktop - Allow Additional File Types

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Reports on Desktop - Allow Additional File Types

The ‘Reports’ option on the Desktop, usually listed in the MEMO pull-down menu, display a list of pre-defined ‘text’ files within the general Datafile spooler window. From Release 6.4 the system will allow the inclusion of files such as PDF, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel (XLS/XLSX) files to be included within the Reports menu and, on selection, launch the appropriate program to display these files.

Where a file suffix is associated with a program within the operating system then that file will be opened with the program using standard Windows tools, if the file suffix does not have an associated program the system will revert to using the standard Datafile Spooler to display the file.


No set-up options are required for this feature other than including these report files in the list for Reports on Desktop. The list is maintained via the Desktop Tools options (select Database Systems followed by Datafile Database Utilities and then Desktop Tools Definition to see the full list of Desktop tool options including the configuration options for Reports on Desktop).

  • Release ID: 6.4