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VAT Adjustments - VAT on Imported Goods

VAT on Imported Goods

When goods are purchased from a country outside the EU then import VAT may be applied. Typically, a separate invoice is supplied from the courier showing the amount of import duty and VAT due.

Subject to the normal rules you can claim as Input VAT any import VAT you pay on goods provided those goods are imported for the purposes of your business. The claim is made as part of your normal VAT return for the accounting period in which the importation took place. The normal evidence of import VAT is the import VAT certificate (form C79).

1. In Receipt of Form C79 when Posting

If you have received form C79 at the point of posting the courier invoice you can claim the Import VAT directly.

The screenshot above shows the posting for a Courier Invoice for Import Vat of £100 on the first line and on the second line Duty with a goods amount of £100 and normal VAT of £ 20.00.

2. Not In Receipt of Form C79 when Posting

If you there’s no corresponding form C79 at the point of posting, you cannot initially claim the Import VAT so the invoice should be posted accordingly using Out of Scope VAT codes where appropriate.

The use of the Out of Scope VAT code prevents the VAT being reclaimed on your VAT Form 100 for Import VAT and Duty.

3. Form C79 Form Received After Posting

If you later receive your C79 certificate you can reclaim the Import and Duty VAT using the Cashbook Payment option.

In the Cash A/C box, select the Contra / Adjustments account and enter a zero value in the Total-Amt box.

On line 1 select the relevant expense account, then enter the Import VAT value as zero in the Net-Amt box, the relevant VAT code in the Tax box, and the actual reclaimed VAT amount in the Tax-Amt box.

One line 2 repeat the process for the reclaimed Duty VAT.

One Line 3 Reverse the Out of Scope Purchase Invoice posting by selecting the expense account, entering the Out of Scope VAT code and then setting the VAT amount as the negative equivalent of the Import and Duty VAT.

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