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Cheque Printing (Purchase Ledger)

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Cheque Printing (Purchase Ledger)

The cheque printing option is designed to print on special cheque stationery which you can obtain through your bank or stationery supplier. It process payments with blank reference numbers, prints a cheque for each one, and updates the cheque number into the reference field.

Selecting the Cheque Printing option gives you four pre-run parameter settings.

Specify Cheque Layout. The cheque printing routine is driven by a document definition, the pathname of which you are given here. You can amend this pathname, although it is unlikely that this will be required.

Date Printed on Cheques. Today’s date is prompted, but you can give any date as an alternative.

Test Cheque Print Set-up. If using continuous cheque stationery then it is important that they are aligned correctly in the printer. This option lets you print a voided cheque to see that all is well. Remember to account for the cheque that is used, and to cancel it in any records you keep of cheque usage.

Starting Cheque Number. You are asked to confirm the cheque number for the first cheque in the printer.This defaults to one after the cheque used last in this process. It is important to get this correct as this number is incremented for each cheque printed, and the cheque number is updated into the payment record in the ledger.

Selecting the PRINT button asks you to confirm the printer to output the cheques to and then prints the cheques. A status screen at the end of the process displays the number of cheques printed and the total value.

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