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Transactions (Premier only)

Datafile Software Transactions (Premier only) This option display records for the employee from the Premier transaction file – a record is generated for each pay period the employee is paid. These transactions are usually cleared as part of... Read More

Transactions Listing

Datafile Software Transactions Listing This gives a straightforward list of all the transactions applied to the job costing system. In practice you may to want to print only those transactions added in the current month or since the last time... Read More

Purchase Ledger Transactions

Datafile Software Purchase Ledger Transactions Since purchase transactions are created by the PPO document processes and not directly by the XL module, the only additions are for reference information that may be required. Recommended Items to... Read More

List All Transactions

Datafile Software List All Transactions This report prints all transactions for the current period in the order in which they were posted.Transaction types are mixed throughout the report and thus no totals are given. As period-end facilities... Read More

Stock Transactions

Datafile Software Stock Transactions You can use these menu options to record movements of stock in your system. If you have purchased any of the Datafile Software order processing, invoicing and/or job costing applications, then these can also... Read More

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