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Time Sheet Details

Datafile Software Time Sheet Details Job code Either enter a valid job code here, or leave it blank. If you do not know the job code, use the <F4-Select> key facility to show a list of the codes on the screen. Choose the job you want, which... Read More

Time Sheet Header

Datafile Software Time Sheet Header Employee Code First enter the employee code. If you do not know it, use <F4-Select> to list employees to the screen. You must already have defined a record for the employee in the cost code file, with a... Read More

Time Sheet Entry

Datafile Software Time Sheet Entry You use this option to enter details from employee time sheets. You can enter not only the time spent on chargeable job activities, but also on non-chargeable activities such as holidays, sickness and training... Read More

Timesheet Authorisation

Datafile Software Timesheet Authorisation The Timesheet entry process can, depending on the number of employees entering timesheets for, be a intensive process with a small number of authorised staff entering timesheets for a large organisation.... Read More


Datafile Software Timesheets This option, available if Job Costing in use and linked to Payroll, allows the listing of any timesheet entries for the employee. The option displays records for the employee from the job transaction file. VIEW... Read More


Datafile Software time time="Dnnn-Data-Item" — this attribute can only be used in output XML templates, and in an element that is defined to write to a date field. Its purpose is to add a time onto the value of the element in the XML... Read More

Date and Time

Datafile Software Date and Time An exception to the rule that any item of data must be contained between element tags is the issue of date and time. These could be represented as data individual elements, of course, but often they are given in a... Read More

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