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Tables Distributed

Datafile Software Tables Distributed The following tables are distributed with the XML module under the filename BASEGLU.DFD in the XMLPROF ZIP file, but are not marked with any of the flags (data items 20–29). Read More

Taxation Table

Datafile Software Taxation Table The tax bands and rates which are required in this part of the payroll System Profiles must be correct in accordance with the latest details issued by your tax office. Every Spring Datafile Software sends... Read More

Overtime Rate Table

Datafile Software Overtime Rate Table Here you specify the different percentage factors for overtime that are to be applied to the employee hourly/overtime rate. For each overtime rate you wish to use you enter the factor and the description... Read More

Using Table Flags

Datafile Software Using Table Flags When designing a ProFiler screen to maintain these tables, use the option that allows you to process only records marked with one of these flags. For example, item 21 LOCNOUT? is used to mark those records... Read More

EAN/Product Table Update

Datafile Software EAN/Product Table Update This allows you manually to maintain entries in the XML EAN/Product table. The intention is always to use EAN codes. But some customers may agree to use a different code with you — their own, maybe... Read More

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