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Special 161+ Print Items

Datafile Software Special 161+ Print Items The payroll documents and the P11 statement reports allow a range of special items to print. These include values set in the system profiles for payroll, such as the company name and address, with... Read More

Special Facilities

Datafile Software Special Facilities P11 Transaction Pointers The P11 file is a detail file off the main employee file and contains transaction history. For standard payroll operation you do not need record pointers to link the employee file... Read More

Special Reports (including P11)

Datafile Software Special Reports (including P11) This option allows you to configure the special reports and documents, the P11 reports and the P45 document. The reports listed here are those on the right-hand side of the payroll reports menu.... Read More

Special Custom Features

Datafile Software Special Custom Features However flexible ProFiler is there are inevitably some applications which require special facilities. Recognising this, a linking point has been provided here to enable you to have customised programming... Read More