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Journals - Nominal

Datafile Software Journals - Nominal Although you almost certainly update your nominal ledger automatically from your sales and purchase ledgers and maybe from other systems such as payroll and fixed assets too, there are many other... Read More

Journals - Cashbook

Datafile Software Journals - Cashbook Standard journal entries work in exactly the same way as the Transfers option described above, except that you can reference any nominal/cash book accounts in this transaction. For example, you may have... Read More

User Defined Journals - Nominal

Datafile Software User Defined Journals - Nominal Many of the transactions which you need to enter into the nominal ledger are the same from one period to the next, with only perhaps some changes in values. To help you speed up journal entries... Read More

Reverse Journals - Nominal

Datafile Software Reverse Journals - Nominal You may want to reverse a journal (other than a provisional journal) at any time. Perhaps a journal you entered is found to be incorrect, or an accrual you entered was over-cautious and you need to... Read More

Provisional Journals - Nominal

Datafile Software Provisional Journals - Nominal This option is used to enter provisional journals and operates in exactly the same manner as described above. The only difference is that the system automatically sets the provisional flag (and... Read More