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Cost Trans Items 2

Datafile Software Cost Trans Items 2 Data Item Type Description / Notes Emp def cost code X (10) Default cost code on employee record (when using lookup to employee record) Emp trade code T Trade code of the employee on this transaction Emp... Read More

Cost Trans Item 1

Datafile Software Cost Trans Item 1 Data Item Type Description / Notes Job code X (10) Job code to which this job transaction refers Job record number Y (6) Record number of job in the job file Next Job cost rec Y (6) Record number of next job... Read More

Cost Code Listing

Datafile Software Cost Code Listing This report lists all the cost codes defined for use in your job costing system, including all the employees you have defined. Note If you want to exclude cost codes that refer to employees then you could... Read More

Enter Job Cost Details

Datafile Software Enter Job Cost Details This part of the user facilities defines parameter settings which determine how the transaction entry procedures operate. Separator for hours/minutes You may define here the separator you are going to use... Read More

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