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Company/Bank Details

Datafile Software Company/Bank Details The first screen of the Company/Bank Details allows you to specify details of the company for which this payroll is to be used and details of the company bank account and tax officePayroll Name The name... Read More

Company Specific Menus

Datafile Software Company Specific Menus When using multi-application companies you may find that some options are not applicable in that company or that you need to add a reporting option but that is only applicable for one of the companies.... Read More

Choosing the Right Company

Datafile Software Choosing the Right Company You can use Job Costing for more than one company’s data. Where you have more than one company, then if the computer does not know which company’s data to process, it asks you to select... Read More

Set Company Details

Datafile Software Set Company Details The Bill of Materials documents allow the printing of ‘data’ items for the company name and address details. This can be a useful alternative to entering the address details as text on the... Read More

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