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Check for Active Submissions

Datafile Software Check for Active Submissions When you submit files to the HMRC if the website is busy then the communication could repeatedly poll.If this polling occurs the option is available to SKIP the acceptance/rejection response to the... Read More

Checking an XML Template

Datafile Software Checking an XML Template A Datafile XML template should itself be a well-formed XML file. To check that a template is "well-formed” (i.e. follows the XML schema rules) you may either use it in an XML definition process, or... Read More


Datafile Software check check="yes" — For input XML files only, this checks that the value of the element data matches the accumulator item given as the accumulator data item. If it differs, an error will be noted on the input log. Read More

Pre-Payroll Check Report

Datafile Software Pre-Payroll Check Report This option allows you to configure the payroll check report – the trial run of the payroll to check that everything has been entered. The set-up for this report, and in fact, most listing... Read More

Payroll Check Report

Datafile Software Payroll Check Report The pre-payroll check report is effectively a dummy payroll run so that you can see all the details are correct before you commit yourself. If you find any errors, then you can go back to the input routines... Read More

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