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Link to Map Websites

Datafile Software Link to Map Websites This option allows the facility to link to a map website to display the location of a customer or supplier account based on the postcode. By default the system links to the ‘Multimap’ website... Read More

Useful Links

Datafile Software Useful Links — the web site of the World-Wide Web Consortium, the almost-standards organisation that has developed XML standards — a commercial site that includes some XML tutorials (under ... Read More

Route Map Links

Datafile Software Route Map Links An existing feature allows you to link to the MULTIMAP or STREETMAP websites to view the location of a customer/supplier based on the post code on the current account. New in Release 6.2 this has been extended... Read More

Configuring Links

Datafile Software Configuring Links As discussed earlier the Job Costing system can be updated from other applications such as the sales and purchase ledgers. The configuration of these applications is discussed within their individual manuals ... Read More

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