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Maintain Cost Codes

Datafile Software Maintain Cost Codes To make it easier to enter specific job cost details, a separate file holds standard activities such as "Photocopying”, "Cutting”, "Stock issue”, "Packing” and so on.These... Read More

Contracts and Operations

Datafile Software Contracts and Operations You may want to configure the job costing system to allow you to manager larger jobs (contracts) which consists of a number of individually costed smaller jobs (operations). This option, available on... Read More

Adding A Job Record

Datafile Software Adding A Job Record The first option allows you to add a new job record. On selection of this option you are prompted to enter the job number. The next job reference code in sequence is displayed, if your system is so... Read More

Choosing the Right Company

Datafile Software Choosing the Right Company You can use Job Costing for more than one company’s data. Where you have more than one company, then if the computer does not know which company’s data to process, it asks you to select... Read More

Code Analysis

Datafile Software Code Analysis The cost code analysis lookup (Job Codes file) holds two separate types of record. A record is held for each standard charge which is to be used for analysis, and one record is held per employee whose time is... Read More

Job Enquiry

Datafile Software Job Enquiry This provides a quick way to check the current situation of any job — for instance, while the customer is on the telephone. You are asked for the job reference, <F4-Select> is available in the usual way,... Read More

Employee Codes

Datafile Software Employee Codes This screen also refers to the job codes file, and defines additional data items needed for job codes which are also employee records. Data Item Type Description / Notes Employee Pay Rec? ? Y indicates that this... Read More

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