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Document Design Manager

Datafile Software Document Design Manager The Document Design Manager is available on the main ‘Installation’ menu for Compact and Professional users, for Diamond and Premier users it is available on the ‘Application... Read More

Controls and Audit Manager

Datafile Software Controls and Audit Manager The Controls and Audit Manager contains all the utility routines used to check the integrity of the database files and to undertake various housekeeping actions. The tools supplied allow: Audit... Read More

Ledger Enquiry Manager

Datafile Software Ledger Enquiry Manager The Ledger Enquiry Manager (Diamond and Premier only) allows you configure the display screens for the Employee Ledger Enquiry. Enquiries Allowed for this Company Although there are no specific... Read More

Application Manager

Datafile Software Application Manager Select the Application Manager (Diamond and Premier only) menu option gives a further sub-set of actions.The options available on this menu are discussed in their own sections later on where... Read More

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