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Link to Job Costing

Datafile Software Link to Job Costing The ‘Link to Job Costing’ accessory allows the entry of a sales order to create a new job from sales order entry or to link the order to an existing job. Details against the sales order can be... Read More

Enter Job Cost Details

Datafile Software Enter Job Cost Details This part of the user facilities defines parameter settings which determine how the transaction entry procedures operate. Separator for hours/minutes You may define here the separator you are going to use... Read More

Maintain Job File

Datafile Software Maintain Job File Within this option you define the screen layout used within the maintain job options. To enter text position the cursor on screen and type text required. To display a data item, position the cursor and right... Read More

Audit Job Balances

Datafile Software Audit Job Balances This option validates the values recorded on the job file against the transactions and corrects accordingly. Audit All Jobs? On selection of this option you are asked whether you wish to audit all jobs &ndash... Read More

Audit Sales / Job Pointers

Datafile Software Audit Sales / Job Pointers This option checks and resets the relationship between the sales accounts and job files if set to enter jobs by sales account (if not set then this options warns that not applicable). On selection you... Read More

Configuring Job Costing

Datafile Software Configuring Job Costing Your Datafile Software Job Costing application has a wide range of possible facilities, and you can undertake a great amount of structuring so that it suits your particular operation.Some of the general... Read More

Mark Job as Completed

Datafile Software Mark Job as Completed This option allows you to change the job status. The status may take any of the following codes: A Active job, the normal situation C Completed job. This implies that there are no more costs to apply to... Read More

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