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Configuring Links

Datafile Software Configuring Links As discussed earlier the Job Costing system can be updated from other applications such as the sales and purchase ledgers. The configuration of these applications is discussed within their individual manuals ... Read More

Recall Standard Text

Datafile Software Recall Standard Text Recall Standard Text allows you to attach a word or phrase to a specific key combination (such as <Shift> + <F1>). For example you might have a series of standard texts to use for the transaction... Read More

Select Key Definition

Datafile Software Select Key Definition Whenever you press <F4-Select> against an application database within the job costing system the details displayed can be configured to show the details you require. This is done via the ‘Select... Read More

Update to Payroll

Datafile Software Update to Payroll This screen provides some additional parameters for the payroll update to job costing. Allow update if employee already paid Normally the job costing update will reject the update of payroll when an employee... Read More

Security and User Manager

Datafile Software Security and User Manager The Security and User Manager, available on Professional upwards, allows you to set authority levels and passwords on specific application options and to define any user authority overrides. After... Read More

Database Audit

Datafile Software Database Audit Use this option to check the internal integrity of any of the Job Costing application files. If you’re sure that a particular record is in the file but you cannot select it via the indexes then you might... Read More

Ledger Enquiry Manager

Datafile Software Ledger Enquiry Manager The Ledger Enquiry Manager (Diamond and Premier only) allows you to configure the display screen for the Job Costing Enquiry. Enquiries Allowed for this Company Although there are no specific ‘Job... Read More

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