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System Profiles / Sales (Purchase) Ledger - Discount Matrix

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System Profiles / Sales (Purchase) Ledger - Discount Matrix

The fifth screen of parameters in the ledger system profiles asks a few extra questions needed for matrix processing.

Apply Discount Matrix Look-up

Select if you wish to apply discount matrices of any sort in the Invoicer or Sales Order Processing applications, otherwise leave blank.

Apply to Stock or Product file (S or P)

The discount matrix facility may apply to either the product or the stock file, but not both. If you want to use this facility, then reply S <Enter> for the stock file, or P <Enter> for the product file.Leave blank if you do not want to use discount matrix facility.

Delimiter character in look-up code (unique)

The file that holds the various discount matrices is accessed via a prime index code that consists of a combination of account code and stock code, separated by the single delimiter character specified here. This character must be unique, and must never appear as a character within the account code or stock code. The hyphen ‘-‘ is often used for this.

Filter Character for Matrix Groups

When using the account or stock group option(s) then the group code is prefixed with a character that identifies the value as being a group code. This character must be unique and never appear a character within the account code or stock code. The hash-key ‘#’ is often used for this.

Max number of Quantity Breaks (max 10)

If you are using quantity breaks within discount matrices, then specify the maximum number of breaks which can apply to any matrix. The maximum is ten, and the minimum (no breaks for quantity) is one.

Apply to Delivery Accounts entries

When using delivery cross-reference accounts the system checks the main account for any applicable matrix entries. Setting this option checks the delivery account for the matrix entry ignoring any for the main head-office account.

Location Code for Global Matrix Entries

Not applicable for Invoicer (only Order Processing). If using location stock then you may not want to enter a matrix entry for all locations for a stock item but instead apply it globally to all locations. If a location code is entered here then during order entry this location is used to check for any applicable matrix entry rather than the location selected on order entry.

Show Stock Cost Price during Entries

If set then on maintenance of matrix entries the cost price of the stock item is displayed.

Multiple Default Discounts from Stock

Not applicable for Invoicer (only Sales Order Processing). Multiple Discounts allow you to record up to four cumulative discounts for a matrix entry; you may wish to apply a 10% trade discount followed by a special customer discount of 5%. This will give a different result to applying a 15% discount as 15% of £100 is £15 but applying a 10% discount followed by a 5% discount gives a discount total of £14.50. If using Sales Order Processing then you can nominate four items on the stock record from which to obtain a default discount percentage when adding matrix entries.

Reverse Sign on Matrix Discounts

If transferring from another system then discount percentages may have been entered as negative values. Setting this option allows you to enter during the discount matrix maintenance the value as you are used to seeing it, i.e. –10%, but then to reverse this on save to the file and subsequent use within Invoicer and Sales Order Processing.

Allow DeskTop Price Check Facility

This option enables the price checker option discussed previously. When set a pop up screen allows you to select up to ten items for display from the accounts and stock files during enquiry and to control whether you allow the ‘haggle’ feature and display the costs and margins.

  • Release ID: Standard