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Discount/Supplier Matrix Introduction

Datafile Software

Discount/Supplier Matrix Introduction

The matrix facility allows you to define special discount structures based on a combination of an account group (or account code) and a product group (or stock code). It gives support for price breaks which are dependent on quantities purchased, and supports special offers valid only until a specified date. There are two matrix files – a discount matrix file for sales, and a supplier matrix file for purchases.

The matrix file holds all the details about the discounts you offer/receive. If the matrix feature is active then the file is checked for the price offered at order entry or invoicing time. If a match is found on the account group or code and stock group or code combination, then the details in the matrix file are used.

You maintain the matrix files as an additional Tools option (one of the Datafile DeskTop facilities) and each active company may have its own matrix file(s).

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