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Job File Items

Datafile Software

Job File Items

Data Item Type Description / Notes

Job code X (10) This code combines the contract and sub-contract codes if defined in Premier systems

Job title X (30)

Job status X (1) Job status may be A—active, C—completed, or I—invoiced.

First cost record Y (6) Record numbers of first and last job cost transactions for job

Last cost record Y (6) ?

Date job added D/E Date job record was added to the system — often job start date

Due date D/E Scheduled completion date

Date of last cost D/E Date last cost transaction was entered

Retain all costs ? Determines whether completed cost details are to be removed for this job if remove facility is used, or if they are to be left until job deleted

Sales account code X (10) Sales account code of the client concerned

Sales record no Y (6) Record number in sales account file of sales account

Sales next job record Y (6) Record number in job file of next job for same sales account

Last detail added Y (6) Last purchase order detail added to purchase order detail file

Memo Reference Y (6) Holds reference number of any memo attached to job record. This is appended to the two-digit application code (JC) to create file name

  • Release ID: Standard