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Close Period for Posting

Datafile Software

Close Period for Posting

The Accounting Calendar within Datafile is open for two financial years – the current year and the previous year and whilst the sales, purchase and stock ledgers are set in one period within the year the nominal ledger and cashbook can post to any period within the two financial years.

This feature allows you to close a nominal/cashbook period for posting and therefore prevent posting to a period / date earlier than the closed period. This allows you to finalise accounts for a period and prevent any further adjustments but still allows you to report on the closed periods.

Selecting the ‘Close Period for Posting’ option asks for the period you wish to close and whether this is in the current or previous financial year.

Select the period required and whether the period is in the previous financial year (leave blank for current year). Once confirmed the period is closed and posting to this period and earlier periods is not allowed.


 The system logs to the SYSEVENT.DAT when a period is closed.

 You can re-open a closed period by entering a period earlier than the current closed period, and you can re-open the full calendar by pressing the <F7-Option> key on the prompt for the period number.


Menu Design

The option to ‘Close Period for Posting’ needs to be updated into the Nominal menu structure. A replacement NLPER.D03 is included with the Release 6.4 update but if you prefer to update the menu layout manually Diamond and Premier users can sign on as the CONFIG user and select the option Application Menu Design.

Select the menu to update – the main nominal menu is usually NL.D03 and the existing year-end menu is usually NLPER.D03. Confirm the default program and select whether the ‘Close Period’ option is to appear on the left or right of the menu. Move down to blank entry on the menu, enter the title for this option and press <Enter> to set the menu parameters.

Applic, Program or Notes P-Program

Menu Name or Program Path NL.EXE

Parameter 6005

Other items can be set as required.

Compact and Professional users cannot update the menu design – as part of the program update you can choose to update menus and a replacement NLPER.D03 is supplied including these facilities.

If updating the NLPER.D03 to include period end facilities you will also want to change the menu description on the main menu from ‘Year End Procedures’ to ‘Period / Year End Procedures’ – users of all product levels can do this by signing on as the SYSTEM user and right-clicking on the menu parameter and selecting ‘Change Menu Description’.

Security and User Manager (excluding Compact)

This option uses the generic ‘Year End Procedures’ authority level and password settings within the Security and User Manager and Professional users can set these options as required. Diamond and Premier Users can also set specific settings for the close period option.

To update select Installation from the main menu and then choose Lock Out All Systems and lock out the system before choosing Security & User Manager and the Nominal Ledger application. Settings for the generic ‘Year End’ options are shown on screen 1 of the parameters; screen 2 allows setting for the more specific Close Period option.

  • Release ID: 6.4