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Link to Sales Ledger

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Link to Sales Ledger

When entering invoice and credit transactions direct into the sales ledger then you can optionally select a job record to update. If selected then, on update to the sales ledger, the job costing system is also updated with an ‘amount invoiced’ transaction and the invoiced value is added to the accumulated invoice amount recorded on the job. A credit (or invoice adjustment) updated to job costing generates an ‘amount invoiced’ transaction with a negative value and reduces the invoiced amount recorded on the job.

After confirming the tax amount for each entry line of the invoice the system prompts for the job code to update, <F4-Select> is available. On input the system displays the job title and prompts you to confirm the job selected is correct, and on update of the sales ledger the job costing system is also updated.

  • Release ID: Standard