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Stock Take - Batch Tracking

Datafile Software

Stock Take - Batch Tracking

DATE COUNTED D, E Last date a count was done for this batch record

COUNTED QUANTITY K, L, M The ‘physically’ counted quantity for this batch record

COMPARE QUANTITY K, L, M The quantity recorded by the system as the physical quantity when the stock take procedure is begun (initialised)

DISCREP QUANTITY * The difference between the counted and compare quantities.

STATUS X (1) Holds key for where in the stock take process the item is. ‘ ‘ shows that the item has been through or is outside the stock take, ‘I’ shows the stock take has begun, ‘E’ shows the item has been counted but any adjustment has not been processed.

REFERENCE X (6) Holds the reference number of the stock take the counted quantity was entered on.

  • Release ID: Standard